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Kids kayaking at Ōkārito

Never stop learning …

Okarito Kayaks has a wonderful opportunity to educate and inform visitors about the high value of the natural landscape and ecology of the area. Through our briefings of kayakers, the printed interpretative information we provide to accompany their kayak trips, our expert local guided interpretation on the water, and even the day-to-day conversations as we serve coffee, we can support an increasing awareness of the importance of protecting the natural environment that visitors have experienced here.

If you’re a local school, or not-at-all-local school, that wants to get your kids out into the wider natural world, we want to help. We’ll discount kayak tours as heavily as we can for schools. Worth it to see the look on the kids faces as they paddle off into the secluded moss-dripping rainforest with no iPads to distract them …


Seven Sharp – GorseBusters

Ōkārito is a small West Coast town looking a halt a gorse invasion - but it takes an army.>
From RNZ Nine To Noon, 27 April 2022

RNZ Nine to Noon – Volunteers ghosting an invasive weed in Okarito

Gorse is on the march at Ōkārito Lagoon. It’s threatening biodiversity; choking native wetland plants, bird habitat and inhibiting whitebait breeding...
From Newsroom, 10th April 2022

Newsroom GorseBusters of Ōkārito Lagoon

The phenomenal work ethic of a volunteer army has the gorse scourge at a West Coast beauty spot in retreat


Okarito is a small, peaceful village on the western sea coast of the South Island of New Zealand.

Only 13km off the main highway, Okarito is about 25-minutes drive north of Franz Josef Glacier. Look for the signposted turn-off between Lake Mapourika and Lake Wahapo.

Formerly known as Okarito Nature Tours, we’re the two red sheds on the left just as you enter the village.

1, The Strand, Ōkārito, West Coast
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